Motorex Dynco – Dynamic Fluid Controller

The MOTOREX DYNCO is a flushing device for automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes, which is suitable for all vehicle makes. It replaces all of the used gear oil with fresh oil fully automatically.

Automatic gearbox flushing device DYNCO

Extremely easy to use

  • Menu navigation via a JOG button

Flow direction detection

  • Automatically adjusts to the flow direction of the automatic gearbox.

All automatic and DSG gearboxes

  • Suitable for all automatic gearboxes with lubricant circulation.

Programmed for all MOTOREX automatic transmission oils

  • Pre-programmed for all current and future ATF and DCTF transmission oils.

Adapter available for all common car makes

  • Special adapters available separately.

Automatic flushing process

  • Meaning that various different fluids can be used without mixing.