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DYNAMIC FLUID CONTROLLER automatic gearbox flushing device

The MOTOREX DYNCO is a flushing device for automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes (DSG), which is suitable for all vehicle makes. It replaces the used gear oil with new oil fully automatically. The MOTOREX ATFs recommended for the respective gearbox types come pre-programmed with their relevant viscosity profile and ensure the perfect balance between the different flow rates of old and new oil. This innovative process ensures that the correct oil level is always maintained during the oil change process and that there are no gearbox control errors.

The pre-programmed cleaning programme guarantees a thorough, very clean flushing, even for heavily soiled automatic gearboxes and uses the old oil as flushing oil. An additional tank allows to add a cleaning additive. Depending on the manufacturer, gear oil needs to be changed every 60,000 km (DSG for example) as using the gearbox gives rise to abrasion and dirt. When the oil is simply drained and refilled in a conventional way, around 60% of the old oil remains in the circuit. This can result in long-term damage and the gearbox may no longer be able to switch gears as well. The MOTOREX DYNCO gearbox flushing device replaces all of the oil, removing oil abrasion and other dirt and increasing the service life of the automatic gearbox.

The device gives motor vehicle workshops an additional lucrative service to add to the regular maintenance of automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes.

Production information about the DYNCO MOTOREX DYNAMIC FLUID CONTROLLER

The ATF MOTOREX DYNCO oil-changing device for automatic gearboxes is a professional tool which is suited to all vehicle makes and replaces all of the used oil with new oil.

The integrated cleaning programme uses the old oil as flushing oil  and guarantees a thorough, very clean flushing, even for heavily soiled gearboxes.

Key features of the MOTOREX DYNCO

  • All mandatory MOTOREX ATFs and DCTFs are already programmed
  • Changes the original filled volume in 3-8 minutes.
  • No dismantling of oil pans required
  • 25 l fresh-oil container, 20 l used-oil container
  • Brand-specific adapter available
  • Flushing programme integrated into the menu navigation
  • LCD display, menu navigation in 5 languages
  • 12 V power supply via vehicle voltage


  • Intuitive menu navigation via a JOG button
  • Quick-change system for various different ATFs and DCTFs in 25 l original containers
  • Automatic “flush” rinsing programme for the gearbox
  • Automatic synchronising to the flow direction
  • Oil types can be switched without mixing due to an internal flushing process
  • Unique dynamic fluid controller (DYNCO)

Device’s technical specifications:

Power supply 12-Volt DC vehicle battery
Weight 75 kg
Maximum power input 150 W
Filter mesh 10 µm
Oil temperature 0°C-120°C
Tank size fresh oil 25 l/used oil 20 l
Accuracy +/- 2%
Each hose length 4.40 m
Length of power supply 4.20 m
Flow direction automatic